jolly spaceship

Jolly Spaceship™ is an art brand which showcases colorful and bold styles of art celebrating all the fun things we enjoy in life, especially space themed influences :)

The term Jolly Spaceship comes from a creative "getaway" whenever Rudy, the artist, would want to get away from real life and escape to space. He would hop on the Jolly Spaceship and cruise across the universe coming up with new and creative ideas.


Rudy Pollorena Jr. aka "Nebula" (Artist)

Rudy Pollorena Jr. Jolly Spaceship

Rudy was born and raised in San Diego and has lived in three other states throughout his lifetime.

At an early age, he found his first spark of creativity by doodling fun sketches on napkins, inspired by video games & cartoons.

He self-taught himself ways to explore his creativity through poetry, video game design, music, graphic design and art.

He is now discovering the true artist in himself as he continues to experiment with colorful & fun styles of art through his combined disciplines of graphic art on the computer as well as more traditional styles of painting and mixed mediums.

Amy Pollorena (Artist)

Amy Pollorena Jolly Spaceship

His co-pilot and beautiful wife, Amy, happily takes a seat on the Jolly Spaceship with her fun doodles and glowing beams of energy.

She is drawn to all things bright and colorful and full of heart!